Saturday, 1 October 2016

How Can Anyone Write 30,500 Articles - No Way, Yes, Way

Okay so, occasionally a great online article writer in their own right will contact me and ask me how on Earth I was able to write so many articles. Well, as I close in on the 30,500 article count milestone I received this pleasant email question; "Hello Lance, I was perusing some of your articles. I am a platinum author, and I have 97 articles written. I remember when you had 1000 articles published. I was pretty flabbergasted to see your current article count at 30,475! Just curious what does your writing day look like? How did you accomplish so many great quality articles? I'm working on getting past 300 articles."
Let me tell you having 100-articles online is a very impressive number, and 300 is like wow, so no one should feel unachieved with those numbers, as writing articles is hard work, it takes time. How do I make this work you ask? I spend my time soaking up information, wherever I can find it;
1.) Online News Sites
2.) Newspapers
3.) Coffee Shop Conversations
4.) My own library
5.) Cable TV
6.) Online Videos
7.) Research Papers
8.) Magazines
9.) College Lectures
Now then, armed with all of this information, I create topics to write on, often synthesizing information from many places, plus adding in my own experience, observations, previous writings and then searching to see if anyone else has considered the similarities across domains and niches. Next, I have a few strategies I use, for instance, I use a little production theory to my writing. I create word files with titles and notes, quotes and references to come back too. Currently for instance I have 250 pre-created topics 25-40% done, waiting for the final touches and other tidbits to add, which I may not even know yet, until I see it, or it enters our human news supply chain.
Since, I spend a lot of time reading newspapers, science journals, watching discovery channels, CSPAN, BookTV, and going to coffee shops to engage people in conversation, I always have lots to write about, as this gives me plenty of topics to write on.
Why do I write so much? I want to get information out into the world. Some say quality is more important, but my experience has shown that quantity is also a nice strategy, perhaps at times even more important? You might disagree, but, I am a compelling case study to the other side of the argument.
Mostly, it's hard work of course, as I am writing anywhere from 2800 to 18,000 words a day - speech recognition also helps of course. If you want to write lots of articles, you have to get busy and actually do it. So, enough talk, I must get back to work. Please consider all this and think on it.

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